BRD Success-modeling Project Reports

"The Bankruptcy Success Modeling Project: A Participant's Guide" from ABI Journal

Date: August, 2012
Document Size: 14.6 MB / 4 Pages
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"The Bankruptcy-Success Modeling Project"—Professor LoPucki's Article in The Journal of Corporate Renewal

Date: July–August 2011
Document Size: 1.3 MB / 3 Pages
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"The Practical Advantage from Empirical Research"—Professor LoPucki's Article in ABI Journal

Date: February, 2015
Document Size: 1.5 MB / 4 Pages
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The BRD has been supported by grants from these organizations:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges

Turnaround Management Association

American Bankruptcy Institute

In funding the Success Modeling Project, these organizations do not endorse or express any opinion about the approach used by the project, or any conclusions, opinions, or report of any research results expressed in or disseminated by the project.

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