Ongoing Research

The purpose of this page is to enable researchers to find others who are working on the same or similar topics. Most researchers can be contacted through the websites of the schools with which they are affiliated. If you need to contact a researcher not listed on the relevant website, email Doug Irion and he will forward your email to the email address we have for the researcher.

Research Topic Last Name First Name Institution Affiliation Request Date
363 sale delays Behrens James UCLA School of Law Law Student 1/9/2011
363 sales Chung Joo-Hee Harvard Law School Law Student 1/5/2011
363 sales Kidder Sammuel UCLA School of Law Law Student 1/31/2011
363 sales Raykin Alla Emory Law School Law Student 11/4/2011
Absolute priority Firestone Simon Federal Reserve Board Economist 4/5/2011
Absolute priority Bharath Sreedhar Arizona State University Professor 3/24/2011
Accounting implications of bankruptcy Ton Karen University of Southern California PhD Candidate 5/25/2011
Accounting reporting Yang Ziyun University of Houston Graduate Student 5/29/2011
Airline bankruptcy Srinivasan Kruthika Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university Graduate Student 2/16/2011
Airline deregulation Rose Nancy MIT Professor 11/29/2011
Asbestos bankruptcy Alarcon Lisa UCLA School of Law Law Student 1/15/2011
Attorneys Qian Yiming University of Iowa Professor 3/29/2011
Audit quality financial companies Yezegel Ari Bentley University Professor 11/7/2011
Auditor Opinions Bills Ken University of Oklahoma Graduate Student 8/17/2011
Auditor Opinions Ahmed Jir Northeastern Illinois University Graduate Student 11/16/2011
Auditor Opinions Blevins Emily University of Tennessee PhD Candidate 9/21/2011
Auditor Opinions Kim Seil NYU Stern School of Business PhD Candidate 10/17/2011
Bank failure and contagion Suh Jung-Hyun NYU Stern School of Business PhD Candidate 10/14/2011
Bankruptcy and industry competitors Zhu Zhongyan The Chinese University of Hong Kong Assistant Professor 9/27/2011
Bankruptcy announcements Oneil Harris East Carolina University Assistant Professor 9/10/2011
Bankruptcy causes Yuanchen Chang Deparment of Finance, National Chengchi University Professor 3/9/2011
Bankruptcy choice Luzzetti Matthew University of California Los Angeles Graduate Student 5/26/2011
Bankruptcy choice Furchtgott Michael University of California, San Diego Graduate Student 9/28/2011
Bankruptcy code and firm investment policies Pryshchepa Oksana Lancaster University PhD Candidate 7/6/2011
Bankruptcy distributions Wood Andrew UCLA School of Law Law Student 1/14/2011
Bankruptcy refiling Whitehead David UCLA School of Law Law Student 1/14/2011
Bankruptcy risks Chandia Karina Rutgers University Graduate Student 3/24/2011
Bankruptcy risks Li Bin Duke University Fuqua School of Business PhD Candidate 3/17/2011
Bankruptcy risks Czerney Keith University of Illinois PhD Candidate 4/28/2011
Bankruptcy sales Fine Toni Fordham Law School Professor 3/30/2011
Bankruptcy strategy and IP strategy Leone Maria Isabella LUMSA University Lecturer 7/13/2011
Board of directors Chang Kiyoung University South Florida Sarasota-Manatee Assistant Professor 5/19/2011
Board of directors Xinde Zhang University of North Carolina Graduate Student 1/28/2011
Bond prices Badawi Adam Washington University in St. Louis Associate Professor 8/4/2011
Breakup fees Blickley Christopher US Bankruptcy Court Law Clerk 1/5/2012
Capital structure Tamm Christopher University of Missouri Visiting Professor 1/21/2011
Capital structure, post-bankruptcy Iverson Benjamin Harvard Business School PhD Candidate 7/12/2011
Capital structure, post-bankruptcy Tao Chen The Chinese University of Hong Kong PhD Candidate 9/27/2011
Carbon dependency DaCosta Marc University of California, Irvine PhD Candidate 11/15/2011
Casebook Scarberry Mark Pepperdine Univ. School of Law Professor 4/23/2011
Cash Flow Sensitivity Hass Lars Lancaster University Assistant Professor 11/11/2011
CEO career post-bankruptcy Hoang Ngoc Giang Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) Graduate Student 4/18/2011
CEO career post-bankruptcy Serfling Matthew University of Arizona PhD Candidate 6/3/2011
CEO career post-bankruptcy Wernicke Georg University of Mannheim PhD Candidate 7/11/2011
CEO decisions post-bankruptcy Moritz Failenschmid University of Mannheim Graduate Student 9/1/2011
Chinese bankruptcy Jiang Xianfeng Institute of Finance Analyst 3/9/2011
Collective bargaining and distress costs Anginer Deniz World Bank Research Group Financial Economist Researcher 8/23/2011
Commercial loan defaults Dumas Christopher University of North Carolina-Wilmington Professor 6/29/2011
Complex systems Lee Jae Woo Inha University Professor 7/28/2011
Contagion Wu Haibin University of Alberta PhD Candidate 5/2/2011
Contagion across markets Kwok Simon Cornell University PhD Candidate 12/29/2011
Control investors Thomas A. Lloyd Cas Business School, City University PhD Candidate 5/8/2011
Corporate governance Roman Raluca University of South Carolina PhD Candidate 4/7/2011
Corporate governance Lloyd Cynthia Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne Professor 7/19/2011
Corporate governance during bankruptcy Downey Clara University of Texas at Brownsville Assistant Professor 8/8/2011
Corporate governance during bankruptcy Keys Phyllis Morgan State University Professor 10/25/2011
Corporate regulation Coleman Les The University of Melbourne Senior Lecturer 1/18/2012
Credit ratings Bauzaites Simona London South Bank University Graduate Student 11/20/2011
Credit ratings Tang Leo Rutgers PhD Candidate 12/5/2011
Debt covenants Qi Yaxuan Concordia University Assistant Professor 10/26/2011
Debt decoupling Chikomwe Julius Duisenberg School of Finance Student 8/1/2011
Debt equity conflicts Lee Jeongmin University of Maryland Graduate Student 2/17/2011
Debt renegotiation Dimitrova Milka University of British Columbia PhD Candidate 6/28/2011
Default Probability Yang LingLing King's College London Graduate Student 7/24/2011
Default probability Han Joong Ho KDI School of Public Policy and management Professor 4/6/2011
Distressed companies Lejeune Pierre Université Libre de Bruxelles Graduate Student 1/28/2011
Earnings manipulations Martel Jocelyn ESSEC Business School Professor 7/12/2011
Earnings quality Lee Hakyin Baruch College, CUNY PhD Candidate 1/11/2012
Economic factors Liu Patrick UCLA School of Law Law Student 1/10/2011
Efficiency of Chapter 11 Zhou Simiao Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Assistant Professor 5/25/2011
Ex-ante investment policy Gucbilmez Ufuk University of Edinburgh Assistant Professor 10/5/2011
Executive Compensation Yilmaz Gokhan Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute PhD Candidate 4/19/2011
Executive Compensation Oh Seungjoon University of Michigan, Ross School of Business PhD Candidate 9/1/2011
Financial company bankruptcy Gottfried Nathan U.S. Government Accountability Office Analyst 3/15/2011
Firm performance Li Ying University of Washington Bothell Assistant Professor 5/19/2011
Forum shopping Morris Mary Northwestern University, Kellogg PhD Candidate 4/18/2011
Forum Shopping Williams Margaret Federal Judicial Center Research Associate 1/14/2011
Hedge funds Wang Wei Queen's University Professor 1/31/2011
Incentives in bankruptcy Jenkins Mark University of Pennsylvania Assistant Professor 8/1/2011
Indirect bankruptcy costs Park Jongsik Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business Graduate Student 9/19/2011
Industry churning Greenbaum Bruce University of Texas at Austin PhD Candidate 2/28/2011
Institutional investor's role Kecskes Ambrus Virginia Tech, Pamplin College of Business Assistant Professor 10/11/2011
Institutional investor's role Wang Rui City University of Hong Kong PhD Candidate 10/4/2011
Insurance companies Suarez Julio University of Chicago Harris School Graduate Student 1/11/2011
Intra-industry contagion Le Nhan Leeds School of Business PhD Candidate 8/17/2011
Intra-industry contagion Lian Yili Baruch College, CUNY PhD Candidate 10/8/2011
Inventory development Hoberg Kai University of Cologne Professor 10/26/2011
IPO's Posner David U.S. Department of Energy Researcher 10/24/2011
Legislative input Van Bergem Rutger George Mason University PhD Candidate 9/19/2011
Legislative input Zorn Christopher Pennsylvania State University Professor 11/8/2011
Management turnover Alanis Emmanuel Texas A&M University PhD Candidate 11/28/2011
Management turnover Chung Ji-Woong Chinese University of Hong Kong Professor 12/19/2011
Monetary policy Landoni Mattia Columbia Business School PhD Candidate 3/22/2011
New technology firms Mithani Murad Rensselaer Lally School of Management PhD Candidate 1/21/2011
Post-bankruptcy performance Ramirez Gabriel Kennesaw State University Professor 3/28/2011
Post-bankruptcy performance, prepacks Henry Brian University of Kansas PhD Candidate 5/10/2011
Post-Reorg Equities Sihelnik Stephen Johns Hopkins University Undergraduate student 11/5/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Ngo Thanh University of Texas - Pan American Assistant Professor 6/7/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Ullah Saif Concordia University Assistant Professor 6/23/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Hazarika Sonali Baruch College, CUNY Assistant Professor 7/8/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Trinkle Bradley Mississippi State University Assistant Professor 9/1/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Seri Raffaello Università degli Studi dell'Insubria Assistant Professor 9/5/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Kraft Pepa NYU Stern School of Business Assistant Professor 10/14/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Traczykowski JÄTdrzej Warsaw School of Economics Graduate Student 2/26/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Krzeminska Marta Warsaw School of Economics Graduate Student 3/15/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Kolluri Pramod University of Wolverhampton Business School Graduate Student 3/23/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Ericson Peter Copenhagen Business School Graduate Student 3/25/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Castagnolo Fernando University of Warwick Graduate Student 6/16/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Li Wei Ming National Taipei University of Technology Graduate Student 7/25/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Karolyi Stephen Yale School of Management Graduate student 9/12/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Danėnas Paulius Vilnius University PhD Candidate 1/14/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Chan David Rutgers University PhD Candidate 3/11/2011
Predicting bankruptcy White Roger University of Pittsburgh PhD Candidate 5/23/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Subasi Musa University of Texas at Dallas PhD Candidate 7/14/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Yu Chun Yuan National Chiao Tung University PhD Candidate 7/26/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Owrutsky Philip Harvard PhD Candidate 8/5/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Brown Richard Temple University PhD Candidate 12/19/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Yasin Alan Johnson School at Cornell University PhD Candidate 12/20/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Ricci Cecilia Montclair State University Professor 1/21/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Gonçalves Edson Getulio Vargas Foundation - Grad Schl of Economics Professor 2/17/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Williams Christopher University of Michigan Professor 3/17/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Murfin Justin Yale Professor 11/22/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Kwon He-Boong Park University Professor 11/26/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Zane Daniel The College of New Jersey Undergraduate student 4/3/2011
Predicting bankruptcy Falk-Wallace Richard Columbia University Undergraduate student 11/12/2011
Predicting bankruptcy? Lu Chenfei University of Chicago Booth School of Business PhD Candidate 6/24/2011
Predicting non-bankruptcy Wagner Hannes Bocconi University Professor 2/16/2011
Product quality and pricing Sheen Albert Harvard Business School Professor 3/29/2011
Professional fees Souza Douglas UCLA School of Law Law Student 1/9/2011
Puerto Rico bankruptcy Alvarez Marta University of Puerto Rico Professor 10/2/2011
Pulp and paper bankruptcies McCarthy Patrick Georgia Institute of Technology Professor 2/16/2011
Regulatory enforcement Jung Juergen Towson University Professor 5/10/2011
Religious environment Yost Kevin Auburn University Professor 1/18/2012
Reorganization plan forecasts Dambra Mike University of Rochester (Simon School) PhD Candidate 12/14/2011
Retail bankruptcy Kara Bruce University of Toledo College of Law Professor 6/9/2011
Role of accounting Ton Karen University of Southern California PhD Candidate 10/10/2011
Sale options Martos-Vila Marc University of California, Los Angeles Assistant Professor 9/23/2011
Seasonality Hayag Brian UCLA School of Law Law Student 1/16/2011
Securities class action Bai Lynn University of Cincinnati Professor 7/11/2011
Stakeholder welfare Shi Guifeng Shanghai Jiao Tong University Lecturer 1/19/2012
Stakeholder welfare Jiao Yawen Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Professor 6/1/2011
Supplier performance Pathak Surya University of Washington Assistant Professor 7/28/2011
Supply chain networks Yuen Rachel University of Washginton, Bothell Graduate Student 3/4/2011
Supply shocks Caskurlu Tolga University of Illinois Urbana Champaign PhD Candidate 7/5/2011
Trucking industry bankruptcies Kuiate Christian University of Houston PhD Candidate 10/1/2011
Unfunded pension obligations Rahaman Mohammad Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University Assistant Professor 8/25/2011
Valuation of Debt Tsai Wen-Hsin National Taiwan University PhD Candidate 8/17/2011