UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database

Cook United Inc. (1984)


  • SIC code: 53 General Merchandise Stores
  • Pre-filing assets in millions of current dollars: $370
  • Pre-filing sales in millions of current dollars: $1,238
  • Pre-filing number of employees: 5,454
  • Cause of bankruptcy: Not tort
  • Place of incorporation: OH
  • Court for city of headquarters: OH Cleveland

Chapter 11 case

  • Court district of filing: OH ND
  • Court city of filing: Cleveland
  • Forum Shop? Filed at headquarters
  • Who filed case? debtors
  • Year of filing: 1984
  • Year of disposition: 1986
  • Disposition: confirmed
  • Days from filing to disposition: 729
  • Prepack status: Nonprepackaged, nonprenegotiated

After the case

  • Did firm emerge? Refile? Company emerged and refiled within 5 years

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