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Each of the published articles or unpublished manuscripts listed below presents BRD data or statistics derived from BRD data. We update the list annually each June. Please let us know if you are aware of other articles or manuscripts that should be included.

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Author Title Latest Year Citation
A. Joseph Warburton Understanding the Bankruptcies of Chrysler and General Motors: A Primer 60 Syracuse Law Review 531 2010
A. Mechele Dickerson The Many Faces of Chapter 11: A Reply to Professor Baird 12 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 109 2004
Adam J. Levitin Bankruptcy Markets: Making Sense of Claims Trading 4 Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law 64 2010
Alex Sawyer (Ivanov) Chapter 11 Reorganizations and Competitor Stock-Returns: An Application to the Airline Industry Working paper; November 2006
Alla Raykin Section 363 Sales: Mooting Due Process? 29(1) Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal 91 2012
An Chen Market Value of Life Insurance Liabilities Under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Procedure 59 AENORM 45 2008
An Chen & Michael Suchanecki Default Risk, Bankruptcy Procedures and the Market Value of Life Insurance Liabilities 40 Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 231 2007
Andre Kurman & Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau Search Frictions in Physical Capital Markets as a Propogation Mechanism Working paper; May 2007 (CIRPEE) 2007
Andrew A. Wood The Decline of Unsecured Creditor and Sharehold Recoveries in Large Public Company Bankruptcies 85 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 429 2011
Andrew B. Dawson Collective Bargaining Agreements in Corporate Reorganizations 84 Am. Bankr. L.J. 103 2010
Andrew E. Kern Board Changes Around Bankruptcy Working Paper; no date
Andrew G. Atkeson, Andrea Eisfeldt & Pierre-Olivier Weill Measuring the Financial Soundness of US Frims 1926-2012 Research Paper 2013
Anil Shivdasani & Irina Stefanescu How do Pensions Affect Corporate Capital Structure Decisions? 23(3) Review of Financial Studies 1287 2010
Arindam Chaudhuri Bankruptcy Prediction Using Bayesian, Hazard, Mixed Logit and Rough Bayesian Models: A Comparative Analysis 2 Computer and Information Science 6 2013
Arindam Chaudhuri & Kajal De Fuzzy Support Vector Machine for bankruptcy prediction 11 Applied Soft Computing 2472 2011
B. Espen Eckbo, Karin S. Thorburn, & Wei Wang How Costly is Corporate Bankruptcy for Top Executives? Working Paper; September 2012 2012
Barry E. Adler, Vedran Capkun & Evren Ors When Congress Says "PIP Your KERP": Performance Incentive Plans, Key Employee Retention Plans and, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Resolution Working paper; February 2009 2009
Barry E. Adler, Vedran Capkun & Lawrence A. Weiss Value Destruction in the New Era of Chapter 11 2012, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 2012
Bernard S. Black, Brian R. Cheffins, & Michael Klausner Outside Director Liability 58 Stanford Law Review 1055 2006
Bo Becker & Per Stromberg Fiduciary Duties and Equity-Debtholder Conflict 25(6) Review of Financial Studies 2012
Bradley D. Belt Commercial Aviation: Bankruptcy and Pension Problems Are Symptoms of Underlying Structural Issues: GAO-05-94. GAO Reports; October 3, 2005 2005
Brandon L. Maslov The Market for Failure: An Examination of Collective Knowledge Theory and What Bond Markets Tell Us About Corporate Bankruptcy Filings 8 DePaul Business and Commecial Law Journal 67 2009
Branko LJ. Radulovic The Effect of §363 Sales on Recovery Rates: Allowing for Self- Selection Bias Working paper; September 2008 2008
Celim Yildizhan Essays in Pricing of Credit Risk and Bond and Equity Markets Dissertation; University of Michigan 2011
Celine Gainet Delaware Bankruptcy Prone Working paper; June 2011 2011
Charles Silver We're Scared to Death: Class Certification and Blackmail 78 New York University Law Review 1357 2003
Cheen-Lee Cheng The Use of Financial Ratios to Predict Bankruptcy: A Study of the Board of Directors on Corporate Performance Dissertation; Capella University 2012
Chris Tamm Changes in Debt and Equity Securities Around Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Research Paper; University of Missouri 2010
Christian Hofer Firm Decision Making Under Financial Distress: A Study of U.S. Air Fares and an Analysis of Inventories in U.S. Manufacturing Industries Dissertation; July 2007 2007
Christian Hofer, Martin E. Dresner, & Robert J. Windle The Impact of Airline Financial Distress on US Air Fares: A Contingency Approach 45 Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 238 2009
Chrystin Ondersma Employment Patterns in Relation to Bankruptcy 83 The American Bankruptcy Law Journal 237 2009
Chun-Yu Ho, Patrick McCarthy, Yi Yang and Xuan Ye Bankruptcy in the Pulp and Paper Industry: Market's Reaction and Prediction Empirical Economics - December 2012
Claire Crutchley & Keven Yost Key Employee Retention Plans in Bankruptcy Working Paper; August 2008 2008
Crocker H. Liu & Peng Liu Is What's Bad for the Goose (Tenant), Bad for the Gander (Landlord): A Real Estate Perspective Research paper 2011
Cynthia B. Lloyd Bankruptcy Prediction Using Non-Financial and Operational Measures Morgan State University 2011
Cynthia Lane Krom Bankruptcy as a corporate strategy: Implications for turnover in the top management team and board of directors Dissertation; University at Albany, State University of New York 2010
Daniel J. Bussel Textualism's Failures: A Study of Overruled Bankruptcy Decisions 53 Vanderbilt Law Review 887 2000
Daniel M. Covitz & Song Han An Empirical Analysis of Bond Recovery Rates: Exploring a Structural View of Default FEDS Working Paper No. 2005-10; May 2005 2005
Daniel M. Covitz, Song Han, and Beth Anne Wilson Are Longer Bankruptcies Really More Costly? FEDS Working Paper No. 2006-27; April 2008 2008
David McGrail Crowdfunding A Chapter 11 Plan 32(1) American Bankruptcy Institute Journal 30 2013
David P. Bart, Altschuler Melvoin & Glasser LLP Rethinking the Concept of "Success" in Bankruptcy and Corporate Recovery Article; May 1998 1998
Deniz Anginer Essays in Asset Pricing Dissertation; University of Michigan 2010
Deniz Anginer & Çelim Yıldızhan Is There a Distress Risk Anomaly? Corporate Bond Spread as a Proxy for Default Risk Policy Research Working Paper 5319 2010
Ding Ding & Mohammad Rahaman Booms, Busts, and Firm Exit: Evidence from M&A Activities Across Business Cycles Working Paper, June 2010 2010
Douglas G. Baird The New Face of Chapter 11 12 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 69 2004
Douglas G. Baird Bankruptcy from Olympus 77 The University of Chicago Law Review 959 2010
Douglas G. Baird & Robert K. Rasmussen Chapter 11 at Twilight 56 Stanford Law Review 673 2003
Douglas G. Baird & Robert K. Rasmussen Private Debt and the Missing Lever of Corporate Governance 154 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1209 2006
Douglas G. Baird, Arturo Bris, & Ning Zhu The Dynamics of Large and Small Chapter 11 Cases: An Empirical Study Yale ICF Working Paper No. 05-29; September 21, 2009 2007
Douglas Mintz & Michael Stevens So You Want to Sell (or Buy) A Company Under Section 363? Here's How BNA's Bankruptcy Law Reporter, 24 BBLR 1526 2012
Edward R. Morrison Bankruptcy Decision Making: An Empirical Study of Continuation Bias in Small-Business Bankruptcies 50 The Journal of Law & Economics 381 2007
Edward R. Morrison Timbers of Inwood Forest, the Economics of Rent, and the Evolving Dynamics of Chapter 11 BANKRUPTCY LAW STORIES, Robert K. Rasmussen, ed., Foundation Press, 2007 2008
Edward Xuejun Li, K. Ramesh & Min Shen The Role of Newswires in Screening and Disemminating Value-Relevant Information in Periodic SEC Reports 86(2) Accounting Review 669 2011
Elizabeth B. Rose Chocolate, Flowers, and § 363(B): The Opportunity for Sweetheart Without Chapter 11 Protections 23 Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal 249 2006
Elizabeth Warren, Leo E. Gottlieb & Jay Lawrence Westbrook Financial Characteristics of Businesess in Bankruptcy 73 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 499 1999
Ethan Bernstein All's Fair in Love, War & Bankruptcy? Corporate Governance Implications of CEO Turnover in Financial Distress 11 Stanford Journal of Law, Business, and Finance 298 2006
Eyal Z. Geva The Trajectory of Labor Relations Under Chapter 11 10 DePaul Bus. & Comm. L.J. 347 2012
Federico Ciliberto & Carola Schenone Are the Bankrupt Skies the Friendliest? 5 Journal of Corporate Finance 18 2012
Federico Ciliberto & Carola Schenone Bankruptcy and Product-Market Competition: Evidence from the Airline Industry 6 International Journal of Industrial Organization 30 2012
Fei Ling, Ehsan H. Feroz, Zhiyan Cao & Sergio V. Davalos The Long-Term Performance and Failure Risk of Firms Cited in the US SEC's Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases 38(7-8) Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 813 2011
Felix Freudenberg, Bjorn Imbierowicz, Anthony Saunders & Sascha Steffen Covenant Violations, Loan Contracting, and Default Risk of Bank Borrowers Working paper; November 2011 2011
Fernando Diz & Martin J. Whitman The Professional Costs of Chapter 11: A Different View 14 Journal of Bankruptcy Law and Practice 1 2005
George E. Batta & Wan Wongsunwai Equity Misvaluation and Corporate Bankruptcy Prediction Working paper; Feb. 2011 2011
Gerard McCormack Jurisdictional Competition and Forum Shopping in Insolvency Proceedings 68 The Cambridge Law Journal 169 2009
Gina Gutzeit & John Yozzo Revisiting Post Emergence Performance 30-Nov American Bankruptcy Institute Journal 46 2011
Gregory R. Stone & S. Ghon Rhee Why CEOs File Bankruptcy in Delaware Working Paper; May 2009 2009
H. Peter Nesvold, Jeffrey Anapolsky, & Alexandra Reed Lajoux The Art of Distressed M&A Investing [Book] McGraw-Hill 2011
Harlan Platt & Marjorie Platt Corporate Board Attributes and Bankruptcy 65(8) Journal of Business Research 1139 2012
Harold F. Tipton & Micki Krause Information Security Management Handbook, Volume 2 [Book] CRC Press 2007
Harvey R. Miller Chapter 11 Reorganization Cases and the Delaware Myth 55 Vanderbilt Law Review 1987 2002
Huafeng (Jason) Chen Firm life expectancy and the heterogeneity of the book-to-market effect 100 Journal ofFinancialEconomics 402 2011
Hulya K. K. Eraslan Corporate Bankruptcy Reorganizations: Estimates From a Bargaining Model 49(2) International Economic Review 659 2008
Hwa Ryung Lee Bankruptcy and Low Cost Carrier Expansion in the Airline Industry Working paper No. 9502; September 2010 2010
Hwa Ryung Lee Essays on Competition and Firm Behavior Dissertation; University of California, Berkeley 2010
J. Adam Cobb From the 'Treaty of Detroit'to the 401 (k): The development and evolution of privatized retirement in the United States Dissertation; University of Michigan 2012
J. Matthew Lupton & Omid Sabbaghi The Orphan Equity Market: Recent Evidence 23(1) Journal of Applied Finance 48 2013
Jacob S. Ziegel Corporate Groups and Crossborder Insolvencies: A Canada - United States Perspective 7 Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law 367 2002
James D. Cox, Randall S. Thomas, & Lynn Bai There Are Plaintiffs and…There Are Plaintiffs: An Empirical Analysis of Securities Class Action Settlements 61 Vanderbilt Law Review 355 2008
James J. Park Securities Class Actions and Bankrupt Companies 111 Michigan Law Review 547 2013
James J. White Death and Resurrection of Secured Credit 12 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 139 2004
Jared Rinehimer Judicial Experience as a Predictor for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Forum Shopping Beyond Delaware and New York working paper 2011
Jared Wilkerson Defending the Current State of Section 363 Sales 86(4) American Bankruptcy Law Journal 592 2012
Jeremy Murphy Bankruptcy Avant-Garde 19 American Banker Institute Law Review 113 2011
Jialan Wang Essays on human capital and financial economics Thesis (Ph. D.); MIT, Sloan School of Management 2010
Jo Ann Brighton Sovereign Debt Restructurings: Global Effects and Lessons Learned from the U.S. 31(1) American Bankruptcy Institute Journal 44 2012
John Donovan, Richard M. Frankel, & Xiumin Martin Accounting Conservatism and Creditor Recovery Rate Working Paper; March 2013 2013
John F. Crean Credit Risk, Default Loss, and the Economics of Bankruptcy Working Paper 354; March 2009 2009
John Harry Evans III, Shuqing Luo, & Nandu J. Nagarajan Bankruptcy, CEO Retention and the Evolution of Contractual Practices AAA 2009 Management Accounting Section (MAS) Meeting Paper 2008
John M. Wunderlich Bankruptcy's Protection for Non-debtors from Securities Fraud Litigation 16 Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law 375 2011
John P. Curran Corporate Restructuring Costs : a statistical view of legal and capital markets determinants Thesis (S.M.); MIT, Sloan School of Management 2010
John R. Graham, Hyunseob Kim, Si Li & Jiaping Qiu Human Capital Loss in Corporate Bankruptcy Research paper 2012
John R. Graham, Sonali Hazarika & Krishnamoorthy Narasimhan Financial Distress in the Great Depression 40(4) Financial Management 821 2011
Jonathan C. Lipson Understanding Failure: Examiners and the Bankruptcy Reorganization of Large Public Companies 84 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 1 2010
Jongha Lim Three Essays on the Effect of Alternative Investors on Corporate Finance Dissertation; 2011 2011
Joo-Hee Chung & Mark J. Roe Was the Chrysler Reorganization Different? The Journal of Legal Analysis (Forthcoming) 2012
Keng Tiong Christopher Goh Which financing model is right for hotel properties? An exploratory study of financing modelshighlighting the practice and effects of different financing models adopted by hotel industries in USA and Singapore UNLV Theses, Paper 684 2010
Kenneth Ayotte & David A. Skeel, Jr. Review: An Efficiency-Based Explanation for Current Corporate Reorganization Practice 73 University of Chicago Law Review 425 2006
Kenneth J. Hunsader, Gwendolyn Pennywell & Natalya Delcoure Competitive Strategy and Industry Contagion Following Traditional Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Announcements working paper
Kenneth L. Bills The Effects of Significant Changes in Auditor Clientele and Auditor-Client Mismatches in Audit Quality Dissertation; University of Oklahoma 2012
Kerry K. Inger, John J. Maher & W. Eugene Seago Repeal of the Equity-Debt Exception and Corporate Capital Structures 128(9) Tax Notes 959 2010
Kerry O'Rourke Valuation Uncertainty in Chapter 11 Reorganizations 2005 Columbia Business Law Review 403 2005
Kevin E. Davis Law-Making in Small Jurisdictions 56 University of Toronto Law Journal 151 2006
Kevin J. Coco Empty Manipulation: Bankruptcy Procedure Rule 2019 and Ownership Disclosure in Chapter 11 Cases 2008 Columbia Business Law Review 610 2008
Lucian A. Bebchuk & Robert J. Jackson, Jr. Executive Pensions 40(4) Journal of Corporation Law 823 2005
Luis Coehlo Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act: Friend or Foe? Working paper; October 2010 2010
Luis Coehlo Bad News Do Not Always Travel Slowly: The Bankruptcy Case Working paper; February 2011 2011
Luis Coehlo, Kose John & Richard J.Taffler Does the Market Know Better? The Case of Strategic vs. Non-Strategic Bankruptcies Working paper; February 2011 2011
Luis Coehlo, Richard Taffler & Kose John Bankrupt Firms: Who's Buying? Working paper; March 2010 2010
Luis Coelho & Richard J. Taffler Gambling on the Stock Market: The Case of Bankrupt Companies Working Paper; November 2009 2009
Luis Coelho & Richard J. Taffler When is Bad News Really Good News? The Case of Strategic vs. Non-Strategic Bankruptcies Working Paper; June 26, 2008 2008
Lynn M. LoPucki The Irrefutable Logic of Judgment Proofing: A Reply to Professor Schwarcz 52 Stanford Law Review 55 1999
Lynn M. LoPucki Where Do You Get Off? A Reply to Courting Failure's Critics 54 Buffalo Law Review 511 2006
Lynn M. LoPucki Cooperation in International Bankruptcy: A Post-Universalist Approach 84 Cornell Law Review 696 1999
Lynn M. LoPucki Court-System Transparency 94 Iowa Law Review 481 2009
Lynn M. LoPucki The Case for Cooperative Territoriality in International Bankruptcy 98 Michigan Law Review 2216 2000
Lynn M. LoPucki Book Summary: Courting Failure 54 Buffalo Law Review 325 2006
Lynn M. LoPucki Universalism Unravels 79 The American Bankruptcy Law Journal 143 2005
Lynn M. LoPucki A Team Production Theory of Bankruptcy Reorganization 57 Vanderbilt Law Review 741 2004
Lynn M. LoPucki Can the Market Evaluate Legal Regimes? A Response to Professors Rasmussen, Thomas, and Skeel 54 Vanderbilt Law Review 331 2001
Lynn M. LoPucki Courting Failure: How Competition for Big Cases Is Corrupting the Bankruptcy Courts [Book] University of Michigan Press 2006
Lynn M. LoPucki The Nature of the Bankrupt Firm: A Response to Baird and Rasmussen's The End of Bankruptcy 56 Stanford Law Review 645 2003
Lynn M. LoPucki The Myth of the Residual Owner: An Empirical Study 82 Washington University Law Quarterly 1341 2004
Lynn M. LoPucki & Joseph W. Doherty Bankruptcy Fire Sales 106 Michigan Law Review 1 2007
Lynn M. LoPucki & Joseph W. Doherty Delaware Bankruptcy: Failure in the Ascendancy 73 University of Chicago Law Review 1387 2006
Lynn M. LoPucki & Joseph W. Doherty Rise of the Financial Advisors: An Empirical Study of the Division of Professional Fees in Large Bankruptcies 82 The American Bankruptcy Law Journal 141 2008
Lynn M. LoPucki & Joseph W. Doherty Determinants of Professional Fees in Large Bankruptcy Reorganization Cases, The 1 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 111 2004
Lynn M. LoPucki & Joseph W. Doherty Bankruptcy Verite 106 Michigan Law Review 721 2008
Lynn M. LoPucki & Joseph W. Doherty Routine Illegality in Bankruptcy Court, Big-Case Fee Practices 83 The American Bankruptcy Law Journal 423 2009
Lynn M. LoPucki & Joseph W. Doherty Why Are Delaware and New York Bankruptcy Reorganizations Failing? 55 Vanderbilt Law Review 1933 2002
Lynn M. LoPucki & Joseph W. Doherty Professional Overcharging in Large Bankruptcy Reorganization Cases 5 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 983 2008
Lynn M. LoPucki & Sara D. Kalin The Failure of Public Company Bankruptcies in Delaware and New York: Empirical Evidence of a "Race to the Bottom" 54 Vanderbilt Law Review 231 2001
Madhupama Kolay Essays on the Flow of Distress Along the Supply Chain Dissertation; University of Utah 2012
Madhuparna Kolay, Michael L. Lemmon & Elizabeth Tashjian Spillover Effects in the Supply Chain: Evidence from Chapter 11 Filings Working paper; January 2012 2012
Marcel Bruno Naujoks Restructuring Strategies and Post-Bankruptcy Perfomance Dissertation; Munchen, Technical University 2012
Maria Correia, Scott Richardson & Irem Tuna Value Investing in Credit Markets Working paper; March 2011 2011
Marisa Agostini Learning about Firms' Failing Path: an Explanation through Annual Reports Information Dissertation; Universita Ca'Foscari Venezia 2012
Marisa Agostini & Giovanni Favero Accounting Fraud, Business Failure and Creative Auditing: A Micro-Analysis of the Strange Case of Sunbeam Corp. Working Paper; March 2013 2013
Mark Carey & Michael B. Gordy The Bank as Grim Reaper: Debt Composition and Bankruptcy Thresholds Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; May 4, 2009 2009
Markus Fischer & Mark Wahrenburg The Resolution of Corporate Distress Inside and Outside of the Courtroom Research Paper 2012
Marti Subrahmanyam, Dragon Yongjun Tang & Sarah Qian Yang Does the Tail Wag the Dog? The Effect of Credit Default Swaps on Credit Risk Working paper; February 2012 2012
Mary-Hunter McDonnell, Franz Wohlgezogen & Edward J. Zajac Rich Language for Poor Firms: The Symbolic Management of Bankruptcy Academy of Management Annual Meetings Proceedings, 2011, pg. 1-4 2011
Massimo Massa & Alminas Zaldokas Investor Base and Corporate Borrowing: Evidence from International Bonds Working paper; October 2011 2011
Massimo Massa & Alminas Zaldokas Family Firms, Bankruptcies and Debt Working paper; October 2011 2011
Michael Simkovic & Benjamin S. Kaminetzky Leveraged Buyout Bankruptcies, the Problem of Hindsight Bias, and the Credit Default Swap Solution Columbia Business Law Review 118 2011
Michael T. Roberts A Tangible Solution for Testing Plan Feasibility 32(3) American Bankruptcy Institute Journal 40 2013
Michael T. Roberts The Bankruptcy Discount: Profiting at the Expense of Others in Chapter 11 21(1) American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review (Forthcoming) 2012
Michelle M. Harner & Jamie Marincic Committee Capture? An Empirical Analysis of the Role of Creditors' Committees in Business Reorganization 64 Vanderbilt Law Review 749 2011
Michelle M. Harner & Jamie Marincic Behind Closed Doors: The Influence of Creditors in Business Reorganizations 34 Seattle University Law Review 1155 2011
Mohammad M. Rahaman Bad Luck or Bad Policy: Why Do Firms Fail? Working Paper; May 05, 2011 2011
Mohammad Mozahidur Rahaman Managerial Discretion, Corporate Financial Flexibility, and Investment Dynamics Dissertation; University of Toronto 2009
Neill D. Fuquay Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It: The Effect on Chapter 11 Case Length of the New Cap on a Debtor's Exclusive Period to File a Plan 85 Texas Law Review 431 2006
Nhan Le Spillover Effects of Intra-Industry Brankruptcy Filings on Firms' Cash Holding Policy Northern Finance Association Meeting 2012
Nicola Gennaioli & Stefano Rossi Judicial Discretion in Corporate Bankruptcy 23(11) Review of Financial Studies 4078 2010
Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau Credit, Vacancies and Unemployment Fluctuations Working Paper; December 1, 2009 2009
Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau TFP During a Credit Crunch Working Paper; January 16, 2011 2011
Nils Henrik Gjøstøl Aspeli & Kristoffer Riis Iden The Empty Creditor Hypothesis: An empirical study of the effects of credit insurance on the choice between bankruptcy and private restructuring Master Thesis: The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration 2010
Palani-Rajan Kadapakkam, and Hongxian Zhang Dead Stocks Walking: Investor Irrationality in Bankruptcy Paper; University of Texas San Antonio 2012
Patrick L. Liu Predicting the Frequency of Large Public Company Bankruptcies Research Paper; UCLA 2012
Paulius Danenas & Gintautas Garsva Credit Risk modeling of USA Manufacturing Companies Using Linear SVM and Sliding Window Test Approach Procedia Computer Science 9 1324 2012
Punit Arora Essays on Vulnerability to and Likelihood of Reemergence From Corporate Bankruptcy Dissertation; Syracuse University 2011
Qi Zhang Credit Risk, Fraud Risk, and Corporate Bond Spreads Thesis; Queen's University; April 2013 2013
Qiang Kang & Oscar A. Mitnik Managerial Power and CEO Compensation in Financially Distressed Firms Research paper 2012
Qianqian Huang Essays in Empirical Corporate Finance: Social Networks, M&A, and Financial Distress Dissertation; University of Iowa 2012
Ralph Brubaker & Kenneth N. Klee Resolved: The 1978 Bankruptcy Code has been a Success 12 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 273 2004
Ramanadh Venkata Chivukula Critical Vendors and Bankruptcy Dissertation; University of Chicago 2013
Richard M. Hynes Reorganization as Redemption 6 Virginia Law and Business Review 183 2011
Richard M. Hynes & Steven D. Walt Why Banks are Not Allowed in Bankruptcy Virginia Law and Economics Research Paper No. 2010-03 2010
Richard P. Hauser & David Booth Predicting Bankruptcy and Robust Logistic Regression Journal of Data Science 9 565-584 2011
Robert Ensign White Toward a More Robust Theory of Agency: Three Corporate Governance Essays Dissertation; Arizona State University 2008
Robert K. Rasmussen The Search for Hercules: Residual Owners, Directors, and Corporate Governance in Chapter 11 82 Washington University Law Quarterly 1445 2004
Robert K. Rasmussen Empirically Bankrupt 2007 Columbia Business Law Review 179 2007
Robert R. Bliss & George G. Kaufman Financial Institutions and Markets: Current Issues in Financial Markets [Book] Palgrave Macmillan 2008
Ruth Sarah Lee Delaware's Relevance in Chapter 22: Who is Courting Failure Now? 31 Review of Banking and Financial Law 443 2011
Samir D. Parikh Modern Forum Shopping in Bankrupxy 46 Connecticut Law Review 2013
Sara Isham Unicitral's Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency: A Workable Protection for Transnational Investment at Last 26 Brooklyn Journal of International Law 1177 2001
Sarah Pei Woo Simultaneous Distress of Residential Developers and Their Secured Lenders: An Analysis of Bankruptcy and Bank Regulation 15 Fordham Journal of Corporate & Finance Law 617 2010
Sergei Davydenko Insolvency, Illiquidity, and the Risk of Default Working Paper 2013
Sergio Davalos, Fei Leng, Ehsan H. Feroz, & Zhiyan Cao Ehsan H. Feroz, & Zhiyan Cao Bankruptcy Classification of Firms Investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission: An Evolutionary Ensemble Computing Model Approach Working Paper; September 01, 2009 2009
Sergio Sanfilippo Azofra, Begona Torre Olmo & Carlos Lopez Gutierrez Firms' Performance Under Different Bankruptcy Systems: A Europe-USA Empirical Analysis 52 Accounting and Finance 849 2012
Shan Chenyu Distance, Credit Contagion and Financial Crisis Working paper; November 2010 2010
Simiao Zhou The Impact of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing on Operating Performance of Public U.S. Firms Working Paper; November 27, 2005 2005
Simiao Zhou Debt Financing, Bankruptcy Reorganization and Corporate Investment Dissertation; University of Toronto 2010
Soohan Kim Corporate Restructurings and Racial and Gender Inequality at Work, 1980-202 Dissertation; Harvard University 2011
Sreedhar Bharath, Venky Pachapegesan, Ingrid M. Werner The Changing Nature of Chapter 11 Working paper; November 2010 2010
Stefano Bonini & Diana Boraschi Corporate Scandals and Capital Structure Journal of Business Ethics 2010
Stefano Bonini & Diana Boraschi-Diaz Fraudulent Financing Working Paper; March 2010 2009
Stephen J. Lubben Transaction Simplicity 112 Columbia Law Review Sidebar 194 2012
Stephen J. Lubben No Big Deal: The GM and Chrysler Cases in Context 83 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 531 2009
Stephen J. Lubben What We Know About Chapter 11 Cost is Wrong 17 Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law 141 2012
Stephen J. Lubben Choosing Corporate Bankruptcy Counsel 14 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 391 2006
Stephen J. Lubben Railroad Receivership and Modern Bankruptcy Theory 89 Cornell Law Review 1420 2004
Stephen J. Lubben Corporate Reorganization & Professional Fees 82 The American Bankruptcy Law Journal 77 2008
Stephen J. Lubben Delaware's Irrelevance 16 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 267 2008
Stephen X.H. Gong Bankruptcy Protection and Stock Market Behavior in the US Airline Industry 13 Journal of Air Transport Management 213 2007
Stewart L. Weisman Need and Greed: The Story of the Largest Ponzi Scheme in American History [Book] Syracuse University Press 1999
Surendranath Jory & Jeff Madura Equity Offerings by Firms That Emerged from Bankruptcy 12(2) Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Ventures 1 2007
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Tareque Nasser & Benton E. Gup Insider trading and large Chapter 11 Bankruptcies in USA 5(2) The International Journal of Banking and Finance 1 2008
Theodore Eisenberg & Lynn M. LoPucki Shopping for Judges: An Empirical Analysis of Venue Choice in Large Chapter 11 Reorganizations 84 Cornell Law Review 967 1999
Thomas C. Omer, Nathan Y. Sharp & Dechun Wang The Impact of Religion on the Going Concern Reporting Decisions of Local Audit Practice Offices Working Paper; April 2013 2013
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Urska Velikonja The Cost of Securities Fraud 54 William and Mary Law Review (Forthcoming) 2013
Varouj A. Aivazian & Simiao Zhou Is Chapter 11 Efficient? 40(1) Financial Management 229 2012
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Vicki L. Bogan & Chad M. Sandler Are firms on the right page with Chapter 11? An analysis of firm choices that contribute to post-bankruptcy survival 7 Applied Economic Letters 19 2012
Vidhan K. Goyal & Wei Wang Provision of Management Incentives in Bankrupt Firms Working Paper; August 2012 2012
Viorel Milea An Ant System Implementation for Bankruptcy Prediction Working Paper; July 2005 2005
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William H. Widen Report to the American Bankruptcy Institute: Prevalence of Substantive Consolidation in large Public Company Bankruptcies from 2000 to 2005 16 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 1 2008
Wulin Suo, Wei Wang & Qi Amber Zhang Explaining Debt Recovery Using an Endogenous Bankruptcy Model Working paper; October 2010 2010
Yuanlong Chi A Comparative Study of Altman’s Z-score and A Factor Analysis Approaches to Bankruptcy Predictions Research Paper 2012
Yuanzhi Li & Zhaodong (Ken) Zhong Investing in Chapter 11 Stocks: Trading, Value and Performance 16 Journal of Financial Markets 33 2013
Zhanpeng He Using a Bayesian Model for Bankruptcy Prediction: A Comparative Approach Thesis; Brock University, Faculty of Business 2011
Ziad Raymond Azar Bankruptcy Policy, Legal Heritage, and Financial Development: An Agenda for Further Research Working paper; May 2007 2007