How often do reorganized companies refile?

Surprisingly often.  But the rates vary from court to court and from year to year.   The data on this website are only for refilings that occur within five years after confirmation of the company's plan.

To get a simple percentage, begin by checking the updating page to determine the years for which complete refilings data are available. Include only those years in your study. The years can never include the most recent five, because a company must be out of bankruptcy at least five years to know whether it refiled within five years.

In the first step, variable A. Years, check the radio button for "disposed of in these years" and then select years you wish to include in your study.  Then for variable K. Business Survival, check only the categories Company emerged and refiled and Company emerged but did not refile.  In the second step, check only the boxes for Company Names and Frequency.  In the third step, select K. Refiling within five years.  Submit your query by clicking on the Submit Query button on the bottom of the page.  The output will show the numbers of emerging companies that refile and did not refile within five years. Divide the former number by the sum of the two numbers and you have the percentage refiling. It will be about 20%.

To get the refiling rate for a particular court, follow the steps above, and also check that court city in step 1, B. Filing Cities.

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