How long do reorganizations take?

To see the data, make no changes in the first step. That will include all cases in our study.  In the second step, uncheck all boxes except the box for Duration in days.  Make no changes in the third step, because D. Dispositions, the grouping of interest to us, is the default.  Submit the query by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

The output will show you the mean and median number of days that cases in each of about a dozen categories of cases remained pending.  At the bottom of the Frequency table will be the mean and median number of days for all cases, regardless of disposition. Those numbers are probably not the ones you want. For one thing, they include some kinds of cases averaged in at zero length. For another, they include dismissals, conversions, and 363 sales. To eliminate the categories you don't want, use the back button to return to the query page. In the first step, go to D. Dispositions and click on select cases to open the menu. Check the boxes for only the categories you wish to include. Then submit the query again.

Prepackaged and prenegotiated cases are much shorter in duration than other cases.  You can eliminate them from your study by checking the "Nonprepackaged, nonprenegotiated" box in Step 1, F. Prepackaged. Ultimately, how long a reorganization takes depends on the kind of reorganization you are talking about. Using the BRD you can calculate that time for any kind of case you are interested in. You shape the sample by your choices in Step 1.

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