Conference Concept

On Friday, February 11, 2011, the UCLA School of Law will host a working meeting of about seventeen leading big-case bankruptcy empiricists. The purpose of this one-day meeting will be to identify the most important policy issues in the field and discuss how empirical methods can be brought to bear on them. Participation is by invitation only, but we do have a limited number of seats for observers.

Conference participants will recieve copies of the database in advance and by January 1, provide us with a single-page (single-spaced) summary of their thoughts. The summary can be of the entire agenda, some portion of it, or a single study or problem he or she considers to be particularly worthy of attention.

Prior to the conference, participants will read and give some thought to the summaries provided by the other participants. At the conference, each participant will briefly remind the group of his or her ideas as we begin the session at which they will be discussed.

We encourage participants to begin work on the studies they think worthy, and to include preliminary results in their summaries. The last step in our process will be to decide whether to convene a second conference, in January of 2012, for discussion of the papers generated by the 2011 process and a reassessment of the agenda.

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